Focus work is a working mode where you stay focused on the same task or project over time. This way of working typically enables you to work on issues that help you reach your long term goals. This work may be important, but maybe not urgent.

In today’s typical work environment the urgent matters seem to capture most of our attention most of the time, even if these matters often are not very important. Our working days get chopped up into meetings, e-mails, phone calls, and more e-mails. If you have a little windows of “free time”, it gets easily filled with the checking of updates on social medias and other newsfeeds on the net. This jumping from project to project makes us very unproductive.

Collaboration is both good and important. But you also need uninterrupted time on your own. You need this to focus on your own development, your own projects and to accomplish those of your tasks that demands your undivided attention for more than just a few minutes time.

The stereotype of a person who needs to enable focus work, is the writer (like me) who struggles to actually write. However, I believe the need for focus work goes far broader than that. Ask yourself; Do you have stuff you think would be really nice to do, but that you actually never get the time to do? Maybe you think you will be doing it later? When is “later”? Are you less busy in one month time? Or in half a year?

I can use myself as an example: As a doctor, I am obliged to stay updated on my field. This obligation comes from the authorities, but also from my own internal standard. I want my patients to get access to the most updated treatment and diagnosis. That means I have to stay updated. Read journals and so on. This work is never urgent, but it sure is important.

A lot of people claim that they do not have enough time to do focus work. However: If you actually try set aside time for focus work in your daily routines, and then handle all the small tasks in “batches”, you will experience that the small tasks take a lot less of your time. This frees up time for focus work.

If you’re in doubt about the point of focus work, I suggest that you try one day at a focus work boot camp. If nothing else, I promise you that you’ll get a lot done on that particular day.

Via this blog I want to share knowledge and experience about focus work. Feel free to contribute in the comment field, or by contacting me.

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