MESH Oslo is a community for innovation and coworking in the heart of Oslo. Connectivity is a core pillar in the way people work there. A disconnected day with concentrated focus thus represents a strong contrast to their regular work day. This is precisely why having such a day could be extra beneficial for them. 

Upcoming event will be listed in the Focus work boot camp Oslo-group on Facebook. Focus work boot camp at MESH is open for everybody, not only for members at MESH Norway.

Why you should take part

You get a chance to actually get a lot more done than you expect, no matter the nature of your tasks. Most importantly however, is that you get a chance to prioritize your longterm goals with work that you might have put a side for quite some time. Staying disconnected for 2 x 3 hours force you into proactive mode when it comes to select what tasks to work on. It might be long reading or long writing. Or maybe you want to work on a pitch, or on a presentation.

The experience may learn you the importance of focus, something that may influence how you organize your regular work days.

The bonus of the boot camp is that you get to connect with new people and learn from them. They are going to learn from you too.

How it works

We meet at 8.00 and start the day with presenting ourselves to one another. We tell about our daily work and we also tell about what we plan to do during the focus session.

At 08.30 the first focus session starts. The phones are collected and kept in a separate room. We then disconnect from the internet. At MESH it is just not possible to  turn off the general access to the internet. In stead we will use software to block the internet with buddy check. Making the disconnection “official” like this, means that you won’t spend energy and focus on fighting your natural impulse to check something on the internet. If you, during your work, get ideas that you somehow need the internet to follow up, you just jot them down on a piece of paper.

Midway in the focus session, we have a coffee and chat break. No internet or phones in this break.

At 11.30, we have lunch together in the café at MESH. During lunch break, all phones are available and the internet is accessible. The event is free, but you pay for the lunch at the café.

At 12.30, the second focus session of the day starts. The framework is the same as in the first; No phones, no internet. Midway in the session we have a break for coffee and chat.

Both focus session lasts for 3 hours. After the last day we have a little debrief. How was this? What did we accomplish during the day? Plan for another Boot Camp?


The Boot Camp may only have a limited number of participants. It’s important that you sign up here at Eventbrite to order your seat . Also sign up at the Facebook-event for collaboration (link will come soon). Remember though, that only the Eventbrite-signing gives the access to the event.

Since we cannot physically turn off the access to the internet at MESH, it is important that you (if yo intend to work on your laptop), install some kind of software that block the internet. Read here about how that works.

You pick you own tasks that you want to work on during the day. It may be something you want to read, write or just think about. Maybe you’ll make sketches for a drawing, or maybe you want to make a presentation. You may even work on you email as long as you have an offline mail client. Remember that you may download reference material for offline reading.

Most participants get surprised by how much they accomplish during this day. It’s therefore strongly recommended to have a backup in case you run out of work. Bring an extra book to read!

Experience from others

Several people have had great benefits from taking part in a Focus Work Boot Camp. Here are some of them:

Stay connected

To stay in touch with the Focus Work Boot Camp Community in Oslo, join the Facebook group. You will be notified there about next Boot Camp in Oslo, whether it’s at MESH or at a different site.