When it’s just not possible to physically turn off the access to the internet, one might use internet-blocking software and buddy check instead.

There are several apps that blocks the internet-access on your demand. Here’s a list of 6. If you go to a camp where this is required, make sure you have the app installed before you go! Personally I have only tried one – Freedom. That worked perfectly fine, although I had to upgrade to a paid version in order to get the full 3 hour length of the blocking session.

When the focus session starts at a focus work boot camp, we do a buddy check. A buddy check (term borrowed from scuba diving) is a drill where you get another person to check your gear, and you check back on that person’s gear. At a focus work boot camp this means that you watch how your buddy activates the app, and then you let your buddy watch how you activate the app on your laptop.

One might ask; – Why do you need an app for this, why not just turn off the wifi on the laptop itself?

There are two answers to this:

1. Having the app installed and activated, elevates the treshold for “sneaking out” on the internet. Your buddy will se the length of your session, and it would be quite embarrassing to reveal that you have cheated. In practice this means that you won’t consider cheating as an option. This removes internet as a choice, and that is the whole idea.

2. It also makes it possible to work on the internet. But wait a minute, wasn’t the whole idea to work without the internet? Yes, but…. There are certain kind of work that is performed on web apps. With an internett blocking software you may block all other “tempting sites”, and allow only that one website with the app you work on.

When the boot camp has open wifi available, it is important for the host to tell the participants before the boot camp that they have to read this page!