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November 2015

Guest blogger: I dit it!

Did you know that the average office worker becomes distracted every three minutes? With numerous distractions coming in digital, analog and face-to-face, notifications on your cellphone, desktop and co-workers. No wonder multitasking can reduce productivity by up to 40%. Continue reading “Guest blogger: I dit it!”

Focus Work Boot Camp at MESH, Oslo

MESH Oslo is a community for innovation and coworking in the heart of Oslo. Connectivity is a core pillar in the way people work there. A disconnected day with concentrated focus thus represents a strong contrast to their regular work day. This is precisely why having such a day could be extra beneficial for them.  Continue reading “Focus Work Boot Camp at MESH, Oslo”

Focus Work Boot Camp for teams

The setting at a Focus Work Boot Camp (FWBC) is just as useful for teamwork as it is for individual work, just follow some simple rules.
Continue reading “Focus Work Boot Camp for teams”

Welcome to the first Focus Work Boot Camp in Tromsø!

On November 12th, 2015, the first Focus Work Boot Camp in Tromsø will take place. Here are the necessary preparations you have to do in advance.
Continue reading “Welcome to the first Focus Work Boot Camp in Tromsø!”

Software based blocking of internet and buddy check

When it’s just not possible to physically turn off the access to the internet, one might use internet-blocking software and buddy check instead.
Continue reading “Software based blocking of internet and buddy check”

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